Rhuddlan Golf Club History

WW2 Aircraft crash at Rhuddlan Golf Club

Whilst researching the history of RAF Rhuddlan, several of the longer-serving members of the Club mentioned that a military aircraft had crashed on the golf course during WW2.  After a search of the club minutes and internet sites I drew a blank and it was only through the expert services of Mike Demack of the Rhuddlan Local History Society who kindly traced the relevant information (Air Ministry Form A1180 Crash Record) and forwarded it on to the club. Many thanks Mike.

Air Ministry Form 1180 was designed to record details of aircraft accidents so that the causes could be analysed and the resulting data used in accident prevention. AM 1180 is in the form of a “Punched Card”.

The crash took place at 13.15 on Monday 20th September 1943 and the aircraft involved was a Beaufighter Mk17 (AD150) of 301 Ferry Training Unit, 44 Group, Transport Command based at that time at RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire.

Details gleaned from the AM 1180

The aircraft was on a Fuel Consumption test and had taken off from RAF Lyneham? at about midday  when, due to engine failure,  it attempted a forced landing at Rhuddlan some one and quarter hours later.

The text on the AM1180 states: – ” E/F (Engine Failure)    Crashed on undershooting attempting a forced landing – CO report to follow when available”.

“Supplement to F675(C) : pilot attempting forced land on golf course undershot, struck spinney, crashed and A/C (aircraft) broke up.”

“CO : Cause of E/F (Engine Failure) obscure – 34 MU (Maintenance Unit – based at RAF Monkmoor, Shrewsbury) not in a position to tender technical support.”

“Stn CO : Accident caused primarily by E/F and the failure of the pilot to execute a forced landing”

The pilot, 1430124 Sergeant W. G. Perkins was killed and the A/C totally written off.

The crash site is in the area near the old gate on the track that leads up to Bodrhyddan Hall at the rear of the present 14th /4th Tee